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Time and Money-saving
IT Support Solutions

Tecgab tech support services are concentrated in a far-reaching spectrum of solutions to a huge variety of technical problems that our users come across.

Tecgab addresses all categories of technical difficulties under the classifications of issues, brands, and devices which consolidates all sorts of technical problems related to computer hardware, software, and peripherals.

Assured resolution through multiple support methods like articles or manual support, video support, call support and chat support services that are available round the clock hours.

Tecgab’s Informational and instructive articles and manuals support is on the house and comes at no cost. It educates our customers with easy tricks to resolve their technical problems by themselves.


Tecgab makes it easy for its customers to optimize the performance of their computer system, software, hardware, peripherals, and smartphones. Learn how to fix and put less strain on your computer devices to maintain its health. Our approach to resolving a technical issue comes in various ways from free of cost articles to pocket-friendly call and chat support services that give instant solutions.

Diagnose & Repair.

Home users neglect the signs when their computer is sick until it gets really bad all because of less awareness. Tecgab comes handy during such situations as the diagnose is free and repair solutions are pocket-friendly. Although you can try to fix it through our articles and if that does not do the job call us anytime from anywhere. Tecgab support team has certified and experienced tech experts for any technical problems.

Set-up & Install

Router, Network Controller, Wired and wireless peripherals, programs and applications there are various components that come with a computer to give technical advancement to the user. Set up and installation can be a hassle especially for a home user. Tecgab articles are written in a layman language to provide the required information step by step that costs nothing or else our experts also provide chat support and call support at low prices.

Virus Removal

Internet connectivity comes with security issues that can threaten users’ privacy and sensitive data. Home users are usually unaware of such scams that put them at great risk. Tecgab provides security services for making your computer safer for secure computing, malware scan & elimination, virus removal, anti-virus protection, secure networking tips & guidelines, etc.